Iker Want To Give Luka Chelsea

Iker Want To Give Luka Chelsea

As has been scheduled on December 10, 2015, FC Porto will soon melakoni away to the headquarters of Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge on match Champions League qualifying continued 2015/16.

And will it mendapaktan little attention from their main goalkeeper Iker Casillas ie, where the keeper came from Spain stated that he was feeling impatient to be able to immediately provide additional injury to the representatives of the British team.

Where the former goalkeeper of Real Madrid CF has a determination immense to be able to bring his team to be able to reach rahian full three points in the game, and not only that he is also eager to embarrass Chelsea FC in front of supporters themselves.

Chelsea FC as we know that they are at now it is not in good shape this season, especially those recently suffered a humiliating defeat in front of their supporters from the 0-1 defeat his opponent Bournemout, on Sunday, December 6, 2015 , the English Premier League match continued.

“We have a great team mentality that can certainly be able to bring our team to win against Chelsea FC and I also wanted to embarrass them on their own turf,” said the former Real Madrid CF punggawah of these, as in reports by Goal.

“Porto itself does not currently have a plan to show the style of the game to survive, so for sure it will be a great disaster for them when dealing with us.” Connect Casillas with aplomb.

34-year-old goalkeeper is also convinced that the Dragons (the nickname of FC Porto) can bring home three points during the game that would soon take place in the middle of this week. And according to him, Chelsea at the moment has been like losing their fangs on the season, so certainly there is not a thing to be feared by Porto later.

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